About the SWA

·         SWA membership is currently comprised of 120 individual companies – warehouse and associate members combined.

·         SWA members operate in one or more of eleven southeastern states

·         Our largest members manage a cumulative total of over 60 million square feet of warehouse space in states throughout the country. Our smallest, 20,000 square feet in one city. The typical member manages between 350 to 400,000 square feet of warehouse space.

·         SWA members distribute a wide variety of products including but not limited to: grocery and beverages, pharmaceuticals, appliances, building materials, textiles, chemicals including HAZMAT, paper products and consumer retail goods.

·         SWA members supply many value added services such as transportation management, import/export services, packaging, light assembly & repair, returned goods handling, mixing & blending, quality inspection and control and inventory management.

·         SWA associate members provide services and/or products that support the warehousing industry like but not limited to: facilities design, construction and repair, dock & door systems, roofing systems, security systems, inventory and transportation management software systems, insurance & risk management programs, legal counsel, materials handling equipment, telecommunications systems, and safety programs.

·         SWA’s Board of Directors, consisting of 20 members, meets regularly at its own expense to respond to the needs of the association.

·         Incorporated in 1951 in the State of Georgia, its current headquarters office is located in Madison, GA.



SWA's 2018 Annual Convention - September 13-15, 2018

We are headed to the Music City this year.  The Hilton Downtown - Nashville  will host SWA's 2018 annual convention and meeting from September 13th through Sepetember 15th.  Convention registration forms were sent to all SWA members via email on June...